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Israel Institute of Technology
Research Interests
Synaptic plasticity

We are interested in the molecular mechanisms governing synaptic plasticity and memory formation. How is information stored in neurons, in particular in dendritic spines?

Spines are small, mushroom-like protrusions on dendrites that encompass the excitatory synapse, as well as a hundred more molecules and proteins. Biochemical and structural changes in the spine are thought to mediate ‘information’ storage. What are the changes that enable a spine to remember? How long can these changes last? Can these be modulated/controlled?

To answer these questions, we employ a variety of methods ranging from molecular biology, through electrophysiology and advanced imaging methods, to optogenetics, to name a few. In particular, we design our own tools (optical and/or genetic) to monitor and control cellular processes such as synaptic plasticity.

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