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Recognizing the need for greater reproducibility in scientific research, our collaborating journals encourage their
authors to publish step-by-step methods in Bio-protocol/Bio-101.
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New: Expression and Purification of Functionally Active Serotonin 5-HT2A Receptor in Insect Cells Using Low-titer Viral Stock http://bio-protocol.org/e3704 This #protocol can be used to selectively over-express forms of the receptor by varying the post-infection harvest times.
Twitter • 3 days ago
New: Measuring Intracellular Vesicle Density and Dispersion Using Fluorescence Microscopy and ImageJ/FIJI http://bio-protocol.org/e3703 Tracking fluorescent vesicles based on their position relative to cell nuclei allows quantifying and analyzing their distribution. @ufmg @J_Cell_Sci
Twitter • 4 days ago
New: SMART (Single-Molecule Analysis of Resection Tracks) Technique for Assessing DNA end-Resection in Response to DNA Damage http://bio-protocol.org/e3701 A #method to visualize the 3′ single-strand DNA tails formed by treatments with S-phase specific DNA-damaging agents. @IstTumori
Twitter • 4 days ago
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