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Dennis Z Chang

About Our Lab

Nematology, UC Riverside, USA
Research Interests
Host-Parasite interactions

We study host-parasite interactions from both perspectives, using model hosts. Our interest is in how hosts recognize and initiate an immune response to parasites and how parasites evade and/or suppress immunity. We study parasite host-seeking behavior and olfaction using parasitic nematodes. To investigate how parasites evade and/or suppress host immunity we are studying which proteins are involved in this process and are working to identify their targets.

From the host perspective we study how nematode parasites are recognized and the immune response that follows. To do this we use a variety of insect hosts. As part of this work we study host immunity generally using bacterial pathogens, nematode parasites, and other immune insults such as cancer. In studying immunity we differentiate the relative roles of resistance, the ability of the host to reduce or eliminate pathogen burden, and disease tolerance or the ability of the host to manage the effects of infections.

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