Bio-protocol Ambassador Program 2019/2020 About us
Bio-protocol’s mission is to make life science research more efficient and reproducible by curating and hosting high quality, peer-reviewed, free access protocols.

We believe that sharing detailed methods and fostering direct communication among scientists will improve experimental reproducibility and greatly accelerate discoveries in life science research.
Overview of Program
The Bio-protocol Ambassador Program aims to create a small community of our Editors, Reviewers, Authors, and Users, who are passionate about reproducibility, to help us:
  • Share our vision with the scientific community;
  • Create a more direct line of communication with researchers at the bench so we can better address their needs;
  • Promote discussion on experimental reproducibility, but also general methodology, open science, use of preprints, career development, and others.
We will select 10 ambassadors that will serve a one year term, starting June 2019. Each will be awarded a grant for personal use for their efforts.
Benefits of being an Ambassador
  • Receiving a grant for personal use;
  • Directly interacting with fellow scientists to discuss important issues, like reproducibility and open science;
  • Opportunities to network within your community;
  • Participate in the development of the program in future editions.
All of our Editors, Reviewers, Authors, and Users can apply to be an Ambassador. For this first edition of the program, we are mostly looking for Ambassadors in US and Europe.
Ambassadors duties include performing at least one in-person promotion activity and four online tasks (see below) during the duration of the program. By the end, they must write a small blog post about the experience, as well as a report (around 1-2 pages) for internal evaluation of the program.
Their promotion activities will be documented on social media.
Promotion activities
In-person advocacy
Promote Bio-protocol at:
  1. Scientific conferences they attend;
  2. Events at their research institution.

    Promotion activities include;
    • Distribution of promotion materials;
    • Promotion in research talks or poster presentations;
    • Other activities suggested by ambassadors.
Online advocacy
Promote Bio-protocol by:
  1. Following us on social media, and sharing, liking, or commenting on our posts (>2x/month);
  2. Promoting protocols edited/authored/used on personal social media (>6x/year);
  3. Writing a small post (±200 words) about their experience with Bio-protocol/Bio-101;
  4. Email student/postdoc/department lists with a “Call for submissions” (1-3x/year);
  5. If their institution’s library features research collections, ask them to include Bio-protocol;
  6. Other promotion suggested by Ambassadors.
The deadline for applications is now May 1st.

Include in your application:
  • Current CV;
  • Social media handles;
  • Link to your Bio-protocol personal page, if applicable;
  • A 1-2 page text describing your involvement in experimental reproducibility measures, experience with open science, and experience with preprints. Also, explain why you want to be an Ambassador and add your plan to promote Bio-protocol.

Send application to:

Marisa Rosa:

Program coordinator

Also, share your ideas with us! How can we help promote Bio-protocol and make a positive impact in the scientific community?

Don’t forget to follow us on Social media and spread the word! Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Last Modified: April 9th, 2019

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