Former Editor-in-Chief (2016-2018)
Marielle Cavrois
  • Faculty, Gladstone Institutes and University of California, San Francisco
Research fields
  • Cell Biology
Personal information


PhD, University of Lille, France

Lab information

Marielle Cavrois

Research focus

HIV, entry, fusion, envelop, replication, dendritic cells


Selected 5 publications

Cavrois M, de Noronha C, Greene WC (2002) A sensitive and specific enzyme-based assay detecting HIV-1 virion fusion in primary T lymphocytes. Nature Biotechnology, 11:1151–1154.
Cavrois M, Neidleman J, Kreisberg JF, Fenard D, Callebaut C, Greene WC (2006) HIV fusion to dendritic cells declines as cells mature. Journal of Virology, 80:1992–1999.
Cavrois M, Neidleman J, Greene WC (2007). In vitro derived dendritic cells trans-infect CD4 T cells primarily with surface-bound HIV-1 Virions. PLoS Pathogens, 3:e4.
Marielle Cavrois, Jason Neidleman, Mario L. Santiago, Cynthia A. Derdeyn, Eric Hunter, and Warner C. Greene. Enhanced Fusion and Virion Incorporation for HIV-1 Subtype C Envelope Glycoproteins with Compact V1/V2 Domains. Journal of Virology, 88:2083–2094, 2014. PMCID: PMC3911571
Cavrois M, Banerjee T, Mukherjee G, Raman N, Hussien R, Rodriguez BA, Vasquez J, Spitzer MH, Lazarus NH, Jones JJ, Ochsenbauer C, McCune JM, Butcher EC, Arvin AM, Sen N, Greene WC, Roan NR. (2017) Cytometric Analysis of HIV Entry, Replication, and Remodeling in Tissue CD4+ T Cells. Cell Reports. 20(4):984–998.
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