Jessica Tyler Weill Cornell Medicine NEW YORK
1 protocol

Bo Chen Division of Hematology and Oncology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL
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Barry P Sleckman
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham Birmingham
  • 1 Author merit
1 Protocol published
A Flow Cytometry-Based Method for Analyzing DNA End Resection in G0- and G1-Phase Mammalian Cells
Authors:  Bo-Ruei Chen, Jessica K. Tyler and Barry P. Sleckman, date: 05/20/2022, view: 1136, Q&A: 0

DNA double strand breaks (DSBs) constantly arise in cells during normal cellular processes or upon exposure to genotoxic agents, and are repaired mostly by homologous recombination (HR) and non-homologous end joining (NHEJ). One key determinant of

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