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Richa Rikhy
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Richa Rikhy Lab

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Measurement of Contractile Ring Tension Using Two-photon Laser Ablation during Drosophila Cellularization
Authors:  Swati Sharma and Richa Rikhy, date: 03/20/2022, view: 488, Q&A: 0

Cytokinesis occurs at the final step of cell division and leads to the separation of daughter cells. It requires assembly and constriction of the actomyosin contractile ring. The phases of assembly and constriction of the contractile ring show an

Labeling and Tracking Mitochondria with Photoactivation in Drosophila Embryos
Authors:  Sayali Chowdhary and Richa Rikhy, date: 03/05/2022, view: 1490, Q&A: 0

Mitochondria are relatively small, fragmented, and abundant in the large embryos of Drosophila, Xenopus and zebrafish. It is essential to study their distribution and dynamics in these embryos to understand the mechanistic role of mitochondrial

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