Johannes Fuchs University of Gothenburg Gothenburg
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Georg Wolfstetter University of Gothenburg Gothenburg
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Ezgi Uçkun Department of Medical Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Instititute of Biomedicine at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, SE-40530 Gothenburg
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Ruth H. Palmer
  • Faculty, University of Gothenburg Gothenburg
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  • 1 Author merit
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In vivo Characterization of Endogenous Protein Interactomes in Drosophila Larval Brain, Using a CRISPR/Cas9-based Strategy and BioID-based Proximity Labeling
Authors:  Ezgi Uçkun, Georg Wolfstetter, Johannes Fuchs and Ruth H. Palmer, date: 07/05/2022, view: 1142, Q&A: 0

Understanding protein-protein interactions (PPIs) and interactome networks is essential to reveal molecular mechanisms mediating various cellular processes. The most common method to study PPIs in vivo is affinity purification combined with mass

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