Autumn Ivy Pediatrics, University of California - Irvine, Irvine, CA
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Anthony Raus Physiology and Biophysics, University of California - Irvine, Irvine, CA
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David A. Valientes
  • Research scientist, Pediatrics, University of California - Irvine, Irvine, CA
Research focus
  • The mission of the Ivy Lab is to understand, on a molecular level, the neurodevelopmental implications of exercise during early-life. We use cutting-edge techniques in neuroscience and molecular biology to discover novel genetic and epigenetic mechanisms (mechanisms that regulate how and when genes are expressed, and are influenced by environmental experiences) activated by exercise to influence the development and function of brain regions critical for learning and memory.
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MS Individualized Genomics and Health, Johns Hopkins University, 2020

Lab information

Autumn Ivy Lab

1 Protocol published
An Improved Method for Individual Tracking of Voluntary Wheel Running in Pair-housed Juvenile Mice
Authors:  David A. Valientes, Anthony M. Raus and Autumn S. lvy, date: 07/05/2021, view: 1919, Q&A: 0

Rodent cages equipped with access to a voluntary running wheel are commonly used to study the effects of aerobic physical activity on physiology and behavior. Notable discoveries in exercise neurobiology, including the key role of brain-derived

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