Melissa L. Knothe Tate
  • Professor, Paul Trainor Chair of Biomedical Engineering, Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, University of New South Wales, Australia
Research fields
  • Cell biology
Personal information


Ph.D., ETH Zurich, 1998

Lab information

MechBio Team

Research focus

Engineering at the Interface of Mechanics & Biology: from Cellular Bioengineering to Development of Disruptive Tech & Next Generation Implants

Multiscale orthopaedic mechanobiology in healing, health & disease states

Pairing cross scale and multimodal imaging with computational tech as an enabling platform

Multi-scale computational and experimental mechanobiology: applying computational and experimental methods to uncover and facilitate the biophysical mechanisms underlying processes of development, growth, adaptation and repair of biological systems, at the cellular, tissue and organ level

Stem cell mechanics & mechanobiology: harnessing this capacity for regenerative medicine and therapeutic devices

Engineering & development of mechano-active, bio-inspired, and/or novel materials (e.g. tissues) & implants cum delivery devices

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