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Arsalan Daudi University of California
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Vikash Verma
  • Research scientist, University of Massachusetts
Research focus
  • Cell biology
  • Mitosis, Cytokinesis, Kinetochore, Chromosome Segregation, DNA Origami and Single Molecule Biophysics


Ph.D., Friedrich Miescher Laboratory of the Max Planck Society, 2012

Lab information

Babhrubahan Roy, Vikash Verma, Janice Sim, Adrienne Fontan, Ajit P Joglekar. “Delineating the contribution of Spc105-bound PP1 to spindle checkpoint silencing and kinetochore microtubule attachment regulation.” Journal of Cell Biology, 2019.

Vikash Verma, Alex Mogilner, Thomas J. Maresca. “Classical and emerging regulatory mechanisms of cytokinesis in animal cells.’’ Biology*, 2019. *Cover page article

Vikash Verma and Thomas J. Maresca. “Direct observation of branching MT nucleation in living animal cells.’’ Journal of Cell Biology*, 2019.
*Highlighted article in Science daily,, EurekAlert!, etc.

Vikash Verma and Thomas J. Maresca. ‘’Microtubule plus-ends act as physical signaling hubs to activate RhoA during cytokinesis.’’ eLife, 2019.
Ye AA, Verma V, Maresca TJ. ‘’ NOD is a plus end-directed motor that binds EB1 via a new microtubule tip localization sequence.’’ Journal of Cell Biology, 2018

I. Kulemzina, K. Ang, J.T. Teh, X. Zhao, V. Verma, S. Suranthran, A. P. Chavda, R. G. Huber, B. Eisenhaber, F. Eisenhaber, J. Yen, and D. Ivanov. “A reversible association between Smc coiled coils is regulated by lysine acetylation and is required for cohesin loading on the DNA.” Molecular Cell, 2016.

V. Verma, L. Mallik, R. F. Hariadi, S. Sivaramakrishnan, G. Skiniotis, and A. P. Joglekar. “Maximizing protein hybridization efficiency on multisite DNA origami scaffolds using protein dimerization.” PLoS One, 10(9): e0137125, (2015).

I. Kulemzina, M. Schumacher, V. Verma, J. Reiter, J. Metzler, A. V. Failla, C. Lanza, V. T. Sreedharan, G. Rätsch, and D. Ivanov. ‘‘Cohesin rings devoid of Scc3 and Pds5 maintain their stable association with the DNA.’’ PLoS Genetics, 8(8): e1002856, (2012).

A. Maheshwari, V. K. Verma*, and T. K. Chaudhuri. “Equilibrium and kinetics of the unfolding and refolding of Escherichia coli Malate Synthase G monitored by circular dichroism and fluorescence spectroscopy.” Biochimie, 92, 491-498, (2010).
*Equal contribution

T. K. Chaudhuri V. K. Verma and A. Maheshwari. “GroEL assisted folding of large polypeptide substrates in Escherichia coli: Present scenario and assignments for the future.’’
Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, 99, 42-50, (2009).
11 Protocols reviewed
Building a Total Internal Reflection Microscope (TIRF) with Active Stabilization (Feedback SMLM)
Authors:  Simao Coelho, Jongho Baek, J. Justin Gooding and Katharina Gaus, date: 07/05/2021, view: 1512, Q&A: 0

The data quality of high-resolution imaging can be markedly improved with active stabilization, which is based on feedback loops within the microscope that maintain the sample in the same location throughout the experiment. The purpose is to provide

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Retention Using Selective Hooks (RUSH) Cargo Sorting Assay for Protein Vesicle Tracking in HeLa Cells
Authors:  Natalia Pacheco-Fernandez, Mehrshad Pakdel and Julia von Blume, date: 03/05/2021, view: 1836, Q&A: 0

Monitoring vesicle trafficking is an excellent tool for the evaluation of protein dynamics in living cells. Such study is key for the understanding of protein sorting and secretion. Recent developments in microscopy, as well as new methodologies

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