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Arsalan Daudi University of California
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Dennis Nürnberg Imperial College London
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Diana Búzová Global Change Research Institute CAS
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Shyam Solanki
  • Post-Doc, Department of Plant Pathology
Research focus
  • Molecular biology
  • Plant immunity, Bioinformatics, Effect of nano-particles on plant immunity and growth, Interaction between soil Rhizobia and plant roots during nitrogen fixation


PhD, North Dakota State University, 2017

Lab information

Dr. Robert Brueggeman, Lab of Molecular Plant Pathology


9 Protocols reviewed
Application of a Modified Smart-seq2 Sample Preparation Protocol for Rare Cell Full-length Single-cell mRNA Sequencing to Mouse Oocytes
Authors:  Rebecca S. Treger, Scott D. Pope, Xiaojun Xing and Akiko Iwasaki, date: 08/20/2019, view: 63, Q&A: 0
Endogenous retroviruses (ERV) are transposable retroelements that form ~10% of the murine genome and whose family members are differentially expressed throughout embryogenesis. However, precise regulation of ERV in germ cells remains unclear. To ...
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Axon-seq for in Depth Analysis of the RNA Content of Neuronal Processes
Authors:  Jik Nijssen, Julio Aguila and Eva Hedlund, date: 07/20/2019, view: 622, Q&A: 0
Neuronal processes have an RNA composition that is distinct from the cell body. Therefore, to fully understand neuronal biology in health and disease we need to study both somas, dendrites and axons. Here we describe a detailed protocol of a newly ...
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