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Jay Unruh Stowers Institute for Medical Research
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Zulin Yu 1 protocol

Jingjing Chen 1 protocol

Sue L. Jaspersen
  • Associate Investigator, Jaspersen Lab, Stowers Institute for Medical Research, 2005-0
Research focus
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PhD, University of California - San Francisco, USA, 2000


2 Protocols published
Authors:  Jingjing Chen, Zulin Yu, Jay R. Unruh, Brian D. Slaughter and Sue L. Jaspersen, date: 02/20/2020, view: 2997, Q&A: 0
Numerous experimental approaches exist to study interactions between two subunits of a large macromolecular complex. However, most methods do not provide spatial and temporal information about binding, which are critical for dissecting the mechanism ...
SIM imaging
Author: Sue L Jaspersen date: 2019-11-21 view: 366
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