David Pintel Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, University of Missouri School of Medicine, USA, USA,
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Maria Boftsi Pathobiology Area Graduate Program, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA, USA,
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Kinjal Majumder
  • Post-Doc, Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, University of Missouri School of Medicine, USA, USA,
Research focus
  • Microbiology
  • 1 Author merit


PhD, Washington University in Saint Louis School of Medicine, 2015

Lab information

David Pintel Lab


1. Parvovirus Minute Virus of Mice Interacts with Sites of Cellular DNA Damage to Establish and Amplify its Lytic Infection. Kinjal Majumder*, Juexin Wang, Maria Boftsi, Matthew S. Fuller, Jordan E. Rede, Trupti Joshi and David J. Pintel. (2018). eLife, July 20 (7), e37750. *co-corresponding author
2. Protoparvovirus Interactions with the Cellular DNA Damage Response Kinjal Majumder, Igor Etingov, David Pintel. (2017). Viruses, 9(11). pE323.
3. Minute Virus of Mice (MVM) Inhibits Transcription of the Cyclin B1 Gene During Infection. Matthew Fuller, Kinjal Majumder and David Pintel. (2017). Journal of Virology, 91(14), 14.
4. Activation of Mouse Tcrb: Uncoupling RUNX1 Function from its Cooperative Binding with ETS1. Jiang-Yang Zhao, Oleg Osipovich, Olivia Koues, Kinjal Majumder and Eugene Oltz. (2017). Journal of Immunology, 199(1).
5. Regulation of Tcrb Gene Assembly by Genetic, Epigenetic and Topological Mechanisms. Kinjal Majumder, Craig H. Bassing and Eugene Oltz. (2015). Advances in Immunology, 128, 273-306.
6. Domain Specific and Stage Intrinsic Changes in Tcrb Conformation During Thymocyte Development. Kinjal Majumder, Levi J. Rupp, Katherine S. Yang-Iott, Olivia I. Koues, Katherine, E. Kyle, Craig H. Bassing and Eugene M. Oltz. (2015). Journal of Immunology, 195(3), 1262-1272.
7. Lineage-Specific Compaction of Tcrb Requires a Chromatin Barrier to Protect its Long-Range Tethering Element. Kinjal Majumder, Olivia Koues, Elizabeth Chan, Katherine Kyle, Julie Horowitz, Katherine Yang-Iott, Craig Bassing, Ichiro Taniuchi, Michael Krangel and Eugene Oltz. (2015). Journal of Experimental Medicine, 212(1), 107-120.
8. A Unifying Model for Molecular Determinants of the Pre-selection Vbeta Repertoire. Suhasni Gopalakrishnan, Kinjal Majumder, Alexander Predeus, Yue Huang, Olivia Koues, Jiyoti Verma-Gaur, Reddy-Sailaja Marpuri, Hannah Stubbs, Ann J. Feeney, Maxim Artyomov, and Eugene Oltz. (2013). Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 110(34), E3206-3215.
1 Protocol published
Authors:  Kinjal Majumder, Maria Boftsi and David J Pintel, date: 03/20/2019, view: 3096, Q&A: 0
The folding mechanisms of the mammalian genome package our genetic material into the nucleus, and in doing so, dictate its appropriate replication and expression. Chromosome conformation capture technology has enabled the dissection of the folding ...
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