Karem A Court
  • Post-Doc, Karem A Court
Research focus
  • Cancer biology
  • Nanotechnology, cancer biology and hyperthermia


Alejandro Villar-Prados, Sherry Y Wu, Shaolin MA, Christopher LaFargue, Karem A Court, Mamur A
Chowdhury, Margaret I Engelhardt, Cristina Ivan, Prahlad T. Ram, Ying Wang, Keith A Baggerly, Jason Roszik,
and Anil K. Sood. Predicting novel therapies and targets. (Submitted to Molecular Cancer Therapeutics on April
• Karem A. Court, Hiroto Hatakeyama, Sherry Y. Wu, Mangala S. Lingegowda , Cristian Rodríguez-Aguayo,
Gabriel López-Berestein, Lee Ju-Seog, Carlos Rinaldi, Eduardo J. Juan, Anil K. Sood and Madeline Torres-Lugo.
HSP70 Inhibition Synergistically Enhances the Effects of Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia. Molecular Cancer
Therapeutics (Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, 16(5), 966-976, May 2017 ).
• Hiroto Hatakeyama, Sherry Y. Wu, Yasmin A. Lyons, Sunila Pradeep, Wanqin Wang, Qian Huang, Karem A.
Court, Tao Liu, Song Nie,Cristian Rodriguez-Aguayo, Fangrong Shen,Yan Huang, Takeshi Hisamatsu, Takashi
Mitamura, Nicholas Jennings, Jeajun Shim, Piotr L. Dorniak, Lingegowda S. Mangala, Marco Petrillo, Vladislav
A. Petyuk, Athena A. Schepmoes, Anil K. Shukla, Madeline Torres-Lugo, Ju-Seog Lee, Karin D. Rodland, Anna
Fagotti, Gabriel Lopez-Berestein, Chun Li and Anil K. Sood. Role of CTGF in sensitivity to hyperthermia in
ovarian and uterine cancers (Cell Reports, 17(6), 1621–1631, November 2016).
• Karem A. Court, Jackeline Jerez, Rodolfo J. Romañach and Madeline Torres-Lugo Encapsulation in Crosslinked
Hydrogel Networks: Particle Distribution Optimization Journal of Materials Science and Engineering B 2 (10)
539-550, October 2012.
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