Antonio Sanchez-Amat Department of Genetics and Microbiology, University of Murcia, Spain, Spain,
2 protocols

Patricia Lucas-Elio University of Murcia
1 protocol

Joshua Arribere MCD Biology, University of California Santa Cruz, United States, United States,
1 protocol

Andrew Fire Pathology, Stanford University School of Medicine, United States, United States,
1 protocol

Sukrit Silas
  • Department of Pathology, Stanford University, USA
Research focus
  • Microbiology
  • 2 Author merit


PhD, Stanford University, USA, 2018

Current position

Graduate Student, Chemical and Systems Biology, Stanford University, USA


2 Protocols published
Authors:  Patricia Lucas-Elío, Sukrit Silas and Antonio Sanchez-Amat, date: 07/05/2018, view: 5243, Q&A: 0
This protocol describes the isolation of lytic phages infecting the marine bacterium Marinomonas mediterranea from samples of seawater, sand, and seagrass from Posidonia oceanica meadows. It includes the collection of samples, the ...
小RNA分离和测序方法及其在研究细菌CRISPR RNA生物合成中的应用
Next generation high-throughput sequencing has enabled sensitive and unambiguous analysis of RNA populations in cells. Here, we describe a method for isolation and strand-specific sequencing of small RNA pools from bacteria that can be multiplexed ...
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