Samantha Haller
  • Research scientist, Corning Inc
Research focus
  • Cell biology
  • Airway diseases (Fibrosis, COPD), aging, inflammation, stem cells and tissue regeneration


PhD, University of Strasbourg, 2014

Haller S, Franchet A, Hakkim A, Chen J, Drenkard E, Yu S, Schirmeier S,  Li Z, Martins N,  Ausubel FM, Liégeois S, Ferrandon D. Quorum-sensing regulator RhlR but not its autoinducer RhlI enables Pseudomonas to evade opsonization - EMBO (2018)

Haller S, Kapuria S, Riley R, O’Leary M, Schreiber K, Anderson J, Melov S, Que J, Rando T, Rock J, Kennedy B, Rodgers J, Jasper H. mTORC1 activation during repeated regeneration impairs somatic stem cell maintenance - Cell Stem Cell (2017)

Haller S & Jasper H. You are what you eat: linking high-fat diet to stem cell dysfunction and tumorigenesis - Cell Stem Cell (2016)

Haller S, Limmer S, Ferrandon D. Assessing Pseudomonas virulence with a non mammalian host: Drosophila melanogaster - Methods Mol Biol (2014)

Limmer S, Haller S, Drenkard E, Lee J, Yu S, Kocks C, Ausubel FM, Ferrandon D. Pseudomonas aeruginosa RhlR is required to neutralize the cellular immune response in a Drosophila melanogaster oral infection model - PNAS (2011)
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