James Donahue Department of Surgery, University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA
1 protocol
HongLok Lung University of Hong Kong
61 protocols

Ramesh Kudira Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
11 protocols

Tomas Aparicio Columbia University
7 protocols

Pornima Phatak
  • University of Maryland School of Medicine
Research focus
  • Cancer biology
  • 1 Author merit
1 Protocol published
Biotinylated Micro-RNA Pull Down Assay for Identifying miRNA Targets
Authors:  Pornima Phatak and James M Donahue, date: 05/05/2017, view: 15309, Q&A: 1
microRNA (miRNA) directly associates with its target transcripts (mRNA). This protocol describes a method for detection of direct interaction between miRNA and mRNA. The result of interaction helps screening the specific target mRNAs for a miRNA.
2 Protocols reviewed
Optimized Oxidative Stress Protocols for Low-microliter Volumes of Mammalian Plasma
Author:  Evan A. Langille, date: 05/05/2019, view: 2854, Q&A: 0
Small blood volumes commonly obtained from small mammals during field studies are only sufficient for a single biochemical assay. In this study, we used blood collected from a population of wild eastern chipmunks (Tamias striatus) and ...
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An in vitro Co-culture System for the Activation of CD40 by Membrane-presented CD40 Ligand versus Soluble Agonist
One fundamental property of the TNR receptor (TNFR) family relates to how ‘signal quality’ (the extent of receptor ligation or cross-linking) influences the outcome of receptor ligation, for instance the induction of death in tumour cells. It is ...
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