Guoxin Shen Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
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Jian Chen Washington University School of Medicine
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Hong Zhang
  • Department of Biological Sciences, Texas Tech University, USA
Research focus
  • Plant science
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D. in Genetics, Michigan State University, 1989

Current position

Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, USA

Publications (since 2006)

  1. Wei, J., Qiu, X., Chen, L., Hu, W., Hu, R., Chen, J., Sun, L., Li, L., Zhang, H., Lv, Z. and Shen, G. (2015). The E3 ligase AtCHIP positively regulates Clp proteolytic subunit homeostasis. J Exp Bot. (Epub ahead of print)
  2. Hu, R., Zhu, Y., Shen, G. and Zhang, H. (2014). TAP46 plays a positive role in the ABSCISIC ACID INSENSITIVE5-regulated gene expression in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol 164(2): 721-734.
  3. Chen, J., Hu, R., Zhu, Y., Shen, G. and Zhang, H. (2014). Arabidopsis PHOSPHOTYROSYL PHOSPHATASE ACTIVATOR is essential for PROTEIN PHOSPHATASE 2A holoenzyme assembly and plays important roles in hormone signaling, salt stress response, and plant development. Plant Physiol 166(3): 1519-1534.
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  5. Kuppu, S., Mishra, N., Hu, R., Sun, L., Zhu, X., Shen, G., Blumwald, E., Payton, P. and Zhang, H. (2013). Water-deficit inducible expression of a cytokinin biosynthetic gene IPT improves drought tolerance in cotton. PLoS One 8(5): e64190.
  6. Qin, H., Gu, Q., Kuppu, S., Sun, L., Zhu, X., Mishra, N., Hu, R., Shen, G., Zhang, J. and Zhang, Y. (2013). Expression of the Arabidopsis vacuolar H+-pyrophosphatase gene AVP1 in peanut to improve drought and salt tolerance. Plant biotechnology reports 7(3): 345-355.
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  11. Shen, G., Kuppu, S., Venkataramani, S., Wang, J., Yan, J., Qiu, X. and Zhang, H. (2010). ANKYRIN REPEAT-CONTAINING PROTEIN 2A is an essential molecular chaperone for peroxisomal membrane-bound ASCORBATE PEROXIDASE3 in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 22(3): 811-831.
  12. Shen, G., Yan, J., Pasapula, V., Luo, J., He, C., Clarke, A. K. and Zhang, H. (2007). The chloroplast protease subunit ClpP4 is a substrate of the E3 ligase AtCHIP and plays an important role in chloroplast function. Plant J 49(2): 228-237.
  13. Shen, G., Adam, Z. and Zhang, H. (2007). The E3 ligase AtCHIP ubiquitylates FtsH1, a component of the chloroplast FtsH protease, and affects protein degradation in chloroplasts. Plant J 52(2): 309-321.
  14. Luo, J., Shen, G., Yan, J., He, C. and Zhang, H. (2006). AtCHIP functions as an E3 ubiquitin ligase of protein phosphatase 2A subunits and alters plant response to abscisic acid treatment. Plant J 46(4): 649-657.
  15. Narendra, S., Venkataramani, S., Shen, G., Wang, J., Pasapula, V., Lin, Y., Kornyeyev, D., Holaday, A. S. and Zhang, H. (2006). The Arabidopsis ascorbate peroxidase 3 is a peroxisomal membrane-bound antioxidant enzyme and is dispensable for Arabidopsis growth and development. J Exp Bot 57(12): 3033-3042.
1 Protocol published
A Non-Radioactive Method for Measuring PP2A Activity in Plants
Authors:  Jian Chen, Guoxin Shen and Hong Zhang, date: 09/05/2015, view: 6272, Q&A: 0
Protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) is a group of important cellular regulators in eukaryotes that dephosphorylate more than 30% of cellular proteins whose activities are turned on or off by phosphorylation. In plants, PP2A was found to regulate critical ...
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