Ronald Swanstrom
  • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  • 2 Author merit
2 Protocols published

Next generations sequencing (NGS) has become an important tool in biomedical research. The Primer ID approach combined with the MiSeq platform overcomes the limitation of PCR errors and reveals the true sampling depth of population sequencing,

Affinofile 分析法鉴定巨噬细胞热带性HIV-1
Authors:  Sarah B. Joseph, Benhur Lee and Ronald Swanstrom, date: 07/20/2014, view: 7310, Q&A: 0
The ability to enter monocyte-derived macrophage (MDM) in vitro is commonly used to define macrophage-tropic HIV-1 despite the fact that viruses vary continuously in their ability to enter MDMs in vitro, and MDMs vary in their ...
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