Lindsey Organtini Microbiology and Immunology Department, Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, USA
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Kristin Shingler University of Minnesota School of Dentistry
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Susan Hafenstein
  • Department of Medicine, Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, USA
Research focus
  • Microbiology
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D. in Pathobiology, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, 2003

Current position

Assistant Professor in Medicine (Infectious Diseases) and Microbiology and Immunology, Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, Hershey, PA (2009-to date)


Fifteen most pertinent peer-reviewed publications (15 of 31)

  1. Lee, H., Cifuente, J. O., Ashley, R. E., Conway, J. F., Makhov, A. M., Tano, Y., Shimizu, H., Nishimura, Y. and Hafenstein, S. (2013). A strain-specific epitope of enterovirus 71 identified by cryo-electron microscopy of the complex with fab from neutralizing antibody. J Virol 87(21): 11363-11370.
  2. Nishimura, Y., Lee, H., Hafenstein, S., Kataoka, C., Wakita, T., Bergelson, J. M. and Shimizu, H. (2013). Enterovirus 71 binding to PSGL-1 on leukocytes: VP1-145 acts as a molecular switch to control receptor interaction. PLoS Pathog 9(7): e1003511.
  3. Cifuente, J. O., Lee, H., Yoder, J. D., Shingler, K. L., Carnegie, M. S., Yoder, J. L., Ashley, R. E., Makhov, A. M., Conway, J. F. and Hafenstein, S. (2013). Structures of the procapsid and mature virion of enterovirus 71 strain 1095. J Virol 87(13): 7637-7645.
  4. Shingler, K. L., Yoder, J. L., Carnegie, M. S., Ashley, R. E., Makhov, A. M., Conway, J. F. and Hafenstein, S. (2013). The enterovirus 71 A-particle forms a gateway to allow genome release: a cryoEM study of picornavirus uncoating. PLoS Pathog 9(3): e1003240.
  5. Yoder, J. D., Cifuente, J. O., Pan, J., Bergelson, J. M. and Hafenstein, S. (2012). The crystal structure of a coxsackievirus B3-RD variant and a refined 9-angstrom cryo-electron microscopy reconstruction of the virus complexed with decay-accelerating factor (DAF) provide a new footprint of DAF on the virus surface. J Virol 86(23): 12571-12581.
  6. Stucker, K. M., Pagan, I., Cifuente, J. O., Kaelber, J. T., Lillie, T. D., Hafenstein, S., Holmes, E. C. and Parrish, C. R. (2012). The role of evolutionary intermediates in the host adaptation of canine parvovirus. J Virol 86(3): 1514-1521.
  7. Ning, X., Nguyen, D., Mentzer, L., Adams, C., Lee, H., Ashley, R., Hafenstein, S. and Hu, J. (2011). Secretion of genome-free hepatitis B virus--single strand blocking model for virion morphogenesis of para-retrovirus. PLoS Pathog 7(9): e1002255.
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  9. Plevka, P.*, Hafenstein, S.*, Harris, K. G., Cifuente, J. O., Zhang, Y., Bowman, V. D., Chipman, P. R., Bator, C. M., Lin, F., Medof, M. E. and Rossmann, M. G. (2010). Interaction of decay-accelerating factor with echovirus 7. J Virol 84(24): 12665-12674. *Shared first authorship
  10. Goodman, L. B., Lyi, S. M., Johnson, N. C., Cifuente, J. O., Hafenstein, S. L. and Parrish, C. R. (2010). Binding site on the transferrin receptor for the parvovirus capsid and effects of altered affinity on cell uptake and infection. J Virol 84(10): 4969-4978.
  11. Hafenstein, S., Bowman, V. D., Sun, T., Nelson, C. D., Palermo, L. M., Chipman, P. R., Battisti, A. J., Parrish, C. R. and Rossmann, M. G. (2009). Structural comparison of different antibodies interacting with parvovirus capsids. J Virol 83(11): 5556-5566.
  12. Hafenstein, S., Bowman, V. D., Chipman, P. R., Bator Kelly, C. M., Lin, F., Medof, M. E. and Rossmann, M. G. (2007). Interaction of decay-accelerating factor with coxsackievirus B3. J Virol 81(23): 12927-12935.
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  14. Hafenstein, S. L., Chen, M. and Fane, B. A. (2004). Genetic and functional analyses of the oX174 DNA binding protein: the effects of substitutions for amino acid residues that spatially organize the two DNA binding domains. Virology 318(1): 204-213.
  15. Hafenstein, S. and Fane, B. A. (2002). phi X174 genome-capsid interactions influence the biophysical properties of the virion: evidence for a scaffolding-like function for the genome during the final stages of morphogenesis. J Virol 76(11): 5350-5356.
1 Protocol published
Enterovirus 71 Virus Propagation and Purification
Authors:  Kristin L. Shingler, Lindsey J. Organtini and Susan Hafenstein, date: 05/05/2014, view: 11051, Q&A: 0
Since its discovery in 1969, enterovirus 71 (EV71) has emerged as a serious worldwide health threat. This member of the picornavirus family causes hand, foot, and mouth disease, and also has the capacity to invade the central nervous system to cause ...
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