Zhihua Wen Department of Cell Biology, Southern Medical University, China
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Zhenguo Chen Department of Cell Biology, Southern Medical University, China
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Xiaochun Bai
  • Department of Cell Biology, Southern Medical University, China
Research focus
  • Cancer biology
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D. in Cell Biology, Department of Cell Biology, the First Military Medical University, 2002

Current position

Professor, Department of Cell Biology, Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, China

Publications (selected)

  1. Huang, M. j., Wang, L., Zhang, Z. m., Chen, T. y., Jia, C. h., Wang, Y., Zhen, X. c., Huang, B., Yan, B. and Chen, Y. h. (2013). Enhancement of the synthesis of n-3 PUFAs in fat-1 transgenic mice inhibits mTORC1 signalling and delays surgically induced osteoarthritis in comparison with wild-type mice. Ann Rheum Dis. doi: 10.1136/
  2. Jia, C. H., Li, M., Liu, J., Zhao, L., Lin, J., Lai, P. L., Zhou, X., Zhang, Y., Chen, Z. G., Li, H. Y., Liu, A. L., Yang, C. L., Gao, T. M., Jiang, Y. and Bai, X. C. (2013). IKK-beta mediates hydrogen peroxide induced cell death through p85 S6K1. Cell Death Differ 20(2): 248-258.
  3. Wen, Z. H., Su, Y. C., Lai, P. L., Zhang, Y., Xu, Y. F., Zhao, A., Yao, G. Y., Jia, C. H., Lin, J., Xu, S., Wang, L., Wang, X. K., Liu, A. L., Jiang, Y., Dai, Y. F. and Bai, X. C. (2013). Critical role of arachidonic acid-activated mTOR signaling in breast carcinogenesis and angiogenesis. Oncogene 32(2): 160-170.
  4. Bai, X. and Jiang, Y. (2010). Key factors in mTOR regulation. Cell Mol Life Sci 67(2): 239-253.
  5. Zhu, X. H., Yan, H. C., Zhang, J., Qu, H. D., Qiu, X. S., Chen, L., Li, S. J., Cao, X., Bean, J. C., Chen, L. H., Qin, X. H., Liu, J. H., Bai, X. C., Mei, L. and Gao, T. M. (2010). Intermittent hypoxia promotes hippocampal neurogenesis and produces antidepressant-like effects in adult rats. J Neurosci 30(38): 12653-12663.
  6. Ma, D., Bai, X., Guo, S. and Jiang, Y. (2008). The switch I region of Rheb is critical for its interaction with FKBP38. J Biol Chem 283(38): 25963-25970.
  7. Bai, X., Ma, D., Liu, A., Shen, X., Wang, Q. J., Liu, Y. and Jiang, Y. (2007). Rheb activates mTOR by antagonizing its endogenous inhibitor, FKBP38. Science 318(5852): 977-980.
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1 Protocol published
In vivo Chick Chorioallantoic Membrane (CAM) Angiogenesis Assays
Authors:  Zhenguo Chen, Zhihua Wen and Xiaochun Bai, date: 09/20/2013, view: 34067, Q&A: 3
Angiogenesis is the process of formation of new blood vessels from pre-existing vessels or endothelial cell progenitors. It plays a crucial role in tumor growth and metastasis. Tumor angiogenesis have been widely studied as an important target for ...
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