Systems Biology


    Protocols in Current Issue
    Protocol for the Generation of a Transcription Factor Open Reading Frame Collection (TFome)
    [Abstract] The construction of a physical collection of open reading frames (ORFeomes) for genes of any model organism is a useful tool for the exploration of gene function, gene regulation, and protein-protein interaction. Here we describe in detail a protocol that has been used to develop the first collection of transcription factor (TF) and co-regulator ...
    Plant Sequence Capture Optimised for Illumina Sequencing
    Authors:  Axel Himmelbach, Manuela Knauft and Nils Stein, date: 07/05/2014, view: 12180, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] Plant Sequence Capture is used for targeted resequencing of whole exomes (all exons of a genome) of complex genomes e.g. barley and its relatives (Mascher et al., 2013). Sequencing and computing costs are significantly reduced since only the greatly enriched and gene-coding part of the barley genome is targeted, that corresponds ...

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