Protocols in Current Issue
    Polysomal-mRNA Extraction from Arabidopsis by Sucrose-gradient Separation
    Authors:  Shih-Yun Lin and Guang-Yuh Jauh, date: 12/20/2014, view: 9023, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] mRNAs surrounded by polysomes are ready for translation into proteins (Warner et al., 1963); these mRNAs are defined as polysomal-mRNAs (Mustroph et al., 2009). The process is affected by various growth conditions or surrounding situations. Microarray analysis is a powerful tool for detecting genome-wide gene expression. ...
    Cellular Translational Reporter Assay
    Authors:  Taishi Kimura and Kiyoshi Takeda, date: 03/20/2014, view: 7990, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] The method described here allows measuring the effect of exogenously introduced modifications to in vitro-transcribed mRNA on the translation in cells. Using cells derived from knockout mice and control littermates, this method enables to compare the results in the presence or absence of specific gene products. In our lab, we used this ...

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