Arnauld Sergé Aix Marseille University Marseille
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Loriane Maillot Aix Marseille Univ, CNRS, INSERM, LAI, Turing Center for Living Systems,
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Magali Irla
  • Aix Marseille University Marseille
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Single Molecule Tracking Nanoscopy Extended to Two Colors with MTT2col for the Analysis of Cell-Cell Interactions in Leukemia
Authors:  Loriane Maillot, Magali Irla and Arnauld Sergé, date: 04/20/2022, view: 795, Q&A: 0

Single molecule tracking (SMT) is a powerful technique to study molecular dynamics, and is particularly adapted to monitor the motion and interactions of cell membrane components. Assessing interactions among two molecular populations is classically

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