Request a Protocol (RaP)
If you are planning experiments but cannot find a detailed and accurate protocol to follow, you are welcome to use the Request a Protocol (RaP) service provided by Bio-protocol. In fact, if you have the need for a certain protocol, chances are many other researchers in the community may have the same need. When you request a protocol through the RaP service, you are helping the community by articulating your need.
How the RaP service works
  1. To initiate a RaP service request, you will need to log in to fill out the following RaP form (* indicates a required field). You will receive an automatic confirmation email after you submit your request. If you do not receive the confirmation email within 5 minutes, please contact
    Please log in to fill out the request form. * Required. Request Form
    If you can suggest a researcher at a specific lab who you consider to be the best candidate to contribute this protocol, please fill out the information below.
  2. Upon receipt, your request will be forwarded to the Bio-protocol Editorial Committee, which will determine whether the protocol falls within the scope of Bio-protocol, and what lab or labs would be the best choice for contributing the protocol. You will be informed of their decision within 3-5 days.
  3. If the Editorial Committee decides to invite the protocol, they will request the protocol. We understand that you may need the protocol urgently to start the experiment, so we will request that the author(s) submit an early pre-print version of the protocol for your use. We will share the pre-print version with you as soon as possible.
  4. You may be invited by our Associate Editors to be a reviewer for the requested protocol. You would be requested to submit a brief CV for review before our Associate Editors make the decision.
  5. The typical timeline for publication of the final version of a protocol is approximately 3~4 months. When the protocol is formally published, you will receive a notification and acknowledgement from the Bio-protocol team.
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