Request a Protocol (RaP)
As part of our efforts to make science more reproducible, we're working with Science/AAAS to link the protocols we host with research published at the Science family of journals.

To request a protocol for a research article published in the Science family journals that's not yet available on Bio-protocol, simply fill in the form below and we will send a request to the author on your behalf. If the author chooses to make it available, the Bio-protocol team will let you know via email.
How the RaP service works
To initiate a RaP service request, you will need to log in to fill out the following request form (* indicates a required field). You will receive an automatic confirmation email after you submit your request. If you do not receive the confirmation email within 5 minutes, please contact zhenyuan[at]ed[dot]bio-protocol[dot]org.
Please log in to fill out the request form. * Required. Request Form
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