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Scanner-based Time-lapse Root Phenotyping
Non-destructive phenotyping of root system architecture can facilitate breeding for root traits that optimize resource acquisition. This protocol describes the construction of a low-cost, high-resolution root phenotyping platform, requiring no ...
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Seed Coat Ruthenium Red Staining Assay
Authors:  Heather E. McFarlane, Delphine Gendre and Tamara L. Western, date: 04/05/2014, view: 16766, Q&A: 0
The goal of this protocol is to assay for defects in synthesis/secretion/release of seed coat mucilage by ruthenium red staining of mature whole seeds.

The mucilage secretory cells of the Arabidopsis seed coat synthesize and ...
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A Simplified Hydroponic Culture of Arabidopsis
Authors:  Houqing Zeng, Chao Xia, Cankui Zhang and Li-Qing Chen, date: 12/20/2018, view: 8000, Q&A: 0
Hydroponic culture systems are widely used in research due to their intrinsic properties, such as easily altering nutrient composition, applying chemical treatments like metal, salt and hormones in the growth media, and collecting the root sample. ...
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Generation of Gene Knockout and Gene Replacement with Complete Removal of Full-length Endogenous Transcript Using CRISPR-Trap
Authors:  Jonas Mechtersheimer, Stefan Reber and Marc-David Ruepp, date: 10/20/2018, view: 5691, Q&A: 0
This protocol describes the application of the CRISPR-Trap from designing of the gene targeting strategy to validation of successfully edited clones that was validated on various human cell lines, among them human induced pluripotent stem cells ...
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