Protocols in Current Issue
    Transformation of Thermus Species by Natural Competence
    Authors:  Alba Blesa and José Berenguer, date: 11/20/2016, view: 5042, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] Many Thermus species harbour genomes scourged with horizontally transferred signatures. Thermus thermophilus (Tth) has been characterized as naturally competent. The transformation protocol described here is based on the maximum DNA uptake rates registered at mid-exponential phase (OD600 0.3-0.4). Here we ...
    Cell-to-cell DNA Transfer among Thermus Species
    Authors:  Alba Blesa and José Berenguer, date: 11/20/2016, view: 5057, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] The ability to transfer DNA via direct cell-to-cell contact-dependent process similar to conjugation has been described in Thermus thermophilus (Tth). Here, we detail the mating experiment protocol involving the lateral transfer of thermostable antibiotic resistance markers (i.e., kanamycin: KmR; hygromycin: HygR ...
    Expression and Purification of the Thermus thermophilus Argonaute Protein
    Authors:  Daan C. Swarts, Matthijs M. Jore and John van der Oost, date: 10/05/2014, view: 6732, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] The Argonaute protein of Thermus thermophilus (TtAgo) has recently been studied in detail. For its in vitro characterization, TtAgo was purified after heterologous expression in Escherichia coli (E. coli). As TtAgo expression is toxic, a tightly controlled system was used for protein ...

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